Capacity assessments

Ensuring your wishes will be followed

Decisional capacity: the ability of subjects to make their own medical decisions



Involving your GP is easy

Your GP is your subject matter expert when it comes to medical treatments and what they could mean for you. GPs told us they want to support their patients plan early and plan well however, they only have limited time for consultations. 

With flamingo, you arrive to see your GP after you've had time to understand your options and consider what you want. This means your GP can have a focused and effective discussion about you, your choices and the potential impacts. 

Your GP will also ensure any requests you make regarding medical treatments or care are worded in unambiguous terms that other medically trained people will understand easily. 

Once satisfied, your GP capacity assertion tells others that you fully understand your choices as documented.

How it works

1. Tell us who your GP is.

2. We'll email them instructions and everything they need.

3. Make an appointment with your GP.

4. Your GP will notify us and update your MyHealthRecord with your permission. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Our advice should be considered general in nature. We do not provide any legal, tax, medical or other professional advice and would advise that you seek expert professional or medical advice before making any decisions based on your individual circumstances.