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If someone had to step in for you tomorrow, how easy would it be for them to find everything they need?

Make it easier and avoid costly mistakes by having everything ready in one easy to find place

Protect your future

If someone else had to make decisions about your medical treatment or your care, do you know what they would say?


Take control

Help doctors and anyone treating you know exactly who can (or cannot) make decisions about your treatment and care.

Make it easy

Help others find what they need to know to avoid late fees, lapsed or unclaimed insurance policies and where to find your hidden cash!!

Protecting your wishes while you're alive

In a crisis, family may find it difficult to decide what treatment is best in that situation.

An Advance Care Directive lets family and doctors know what you want when you cannot tell them yourself.

Online directives avoid the uncertainty and complexity many feel when creating an Advance Care Directive. And, being online means they are easy to find in an emergency, anywhere, anytime. 

Find our more about Advance Care Planning and Directive preparation. 

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Protection for others after you die

Many people say, "I don't care what happens, I'll be dead." but the reality is that there's a lot to do when someone dies: 

  • Notify friends and family
  • Plan their funeral
  • Create their eulogy
  • Disconnect utilities
  • Close bank accounts
  • Access insurance policies
  • Distribute or dispose of personal belongings

A personal succession plan puts all the answers in one secure location, kept private until after you're gone. 

Find out more about Personal Succession Planning.

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All you need is an email address to get started, come back as often as you like - you set the pace that works for you.


We've taken the guesswork out with easy to answer questions, expert tips and examples at every step.


Our digital format puts the latest version of your critical information at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

Stop worrying your important information won't be found

Going digital puts your advance care and personal succession plans together in one place - it couldn't be easier.

Get started today


Digital records will always be clear and easy for others to follow, regardless of how many times they're updated.


One-click share. Once.

Avoid the need to notify others every time you make an update. 


Our easy question and answer format with guidance and tips at every step makes it easy for anyone to use.

Register and start a plan today

  • All your planning needs in one place
  • Expert advice at every step
  • Dedicated Australian based support 
  • Government certified secure storage
  • Control who can access your information
  • Unlimited updates and sharing
  • Australian designed, built and owned

Save yourself and your loved ones a lot of stress, regret and money!

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