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Leave a checklist so nothing gets lost

Checklist (Noun): A list of tasks to be completed, names to be consulted, conditions to be verified and similar








Information others need after you die

You don't need to share all your personal information while you're alive.

But, if you don't leave details about what you own they could get lost, be drained by legal fees or given to the Government.

Our Personal Information Vault allows you to tell others exactly what they need to know about your assets, accounts, memberships and collectables. You can leave instructions how to find them, the location of any important documents like valuations or certificates of ownership or where things are hidden - like the cash you store in the hidden safe that no one else knows about. 


A tool with pre-defined sections for you to let others know where your assets are, who you hold accounts with and any valuables you want to ensure get found.


Information is used for managing your financial affairs, ensuring your assets don't get lost and closing or accessing any products you own like insurance policies.   


Avoids the need to sort through your paper records to identify who you have accounts with, where your assets are and if you have cash or valuables hidden they will be found.


How it works

1. Create an account

Our subscription members have access to all our online tools. Once you have an account you'll find everything in your member dashboard.

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2. Follow the prompts to add your information

Record details of your assets, financial holdings, providers and memberships. If your successor knows where to find things and who you have accounts with, the rest is easy.

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3. Choose an account successor

This is someone you trust who will be given access to the information they need when you die.

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Update anytime without the need to make sure you've told everyone or destroyed old records.


Online puts the information you want known by others at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. 


Follow the prompts and set your own pace as we guide you to making sure you make it easy on whoever will be responsible after you die. 

You've got the answers,

We just make them easier to find after you die. 

You can't make the process go away but you can make it easier.

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